Flex your golf muscle

Adidas TOUR360 ATV

Bio-metrically correct footwear has taken the sports industry by storm, and golf is no exception. The best golf swings are derived from a rhythmic tempo and solid balance. While it was once thought better to have a solid platform (e.g. the shoe’s sole) from which to hit, the push toward lower profile, more grounded spikes has brought Adidas to design a ground-adapting outsole for their new TOUR360 ATV golf shoe ($190).

Here’s how it plays.

The Adidas TOUR360 ATV (All-Terrain Versatility) offers improved forefoot flexibility, zonal traction elements, and multiple flex points in the forefoot to allow the foot to flex naturally under any ground conditions. The effect is a shoe with better feel and movement. From uneven to the dreaded side-hill lies, the TOUR360 ATV gives you a better feel for the landscape beneath you. Anyone can blast the ball from a flat lie, but golf is played from all sorts of angles and making pure contact is about making adjustments. Truly being able to feel the subtle changes (or not so subtle in some case) under you really helps keep your swing plane parallel with the ground. Many tour pros hit shots on the range barefoot to help improve their feel — it only makes sense you would want to take that to the course.

Better feel leads to more natural movement which leads to a repeatable, reliable swing.

We’ve logged a few rounds in the ATVs and came away immediately impressed with how comfortable they were right out of the box. The TOUR360 ATV is the line’s most athletic feeling shoe yet doesn’t exhibit any of the stiffness or break-in period that we’ve experienced in the past. Anyone who has trained in a barefoot or natural style shoe will be right at home with the TOUR360 ATV.

The rest of you can abate any fear of a soft, wobbly or unstable feeling. Your body will have plenty of support and leverage using good old terra firma. Plus, the TOUR360 ATV comes stocked with all of the game improvement technology of its predecessors. An added bonus: we also noticed an improved awareness on the greens. Simply taking a walk around the hole provides another way to discern break and read contours that may have been otherwise missed.

Jack Nicklaus attributed a lot of his success to his footwork and suffice it to say that it’s become a focal point for us too. Better feel leads to more natural movement, which leads to a repeatable, reliable swing.

Pre-Order: $190