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Samsung MV800 Compact Camera

The Samsung MV800’s ($315) killer feature stares every user right in the face — that is if they want it to. Its 3.0-inch touch screen display can rotate 180 degrees, allowing users to easily frame self portraits or other awkward shots we’d rather not know about. It’s a new convenience we’ve seen on mid-tier DSLRs before, and we’re glad to see trickle-down to point and shoots. Speaking of shoots, the 16.1 Megapixel camera packs everything you’d expect in a decent pocket cam including a 4.7~23.5 mm Schneider Lens, 5X optical zoom, built-in HDMI port and a MicroSD slot. An integrated photo editor, panoramic mode, 3D photo converter and a slew of artsy filters round out the MV800?s software offerings. You can find better cameras out there for this price range if image quality is your top concern. For true Narcissists, though, it’s the next best thing to personal paparazzi.

Buy Now: $315