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Matt Kramer on Wine

Wine is a subject we prefer studying with a glass, friends, and a good meal. However, if you’re looking to read up on the subject, Matt Kramer on Wine: A Matchless Collection of Columns, Essays, and Observations by America’s Most Original and Lucid Wine Writer ($12) is a great resource. The title is a little self-aggrandizing for our tastes — especially for someone with a reputation for eviscerating the snobbery surrounding wine culture. Still, there’s no denying Matt Kramer’s impact on the world of wine journalism. In this collection of essays and articles culled from various media outlets including his popular Wine Spectator column, readers will find everything from interesting winemaker profiles, to thorough a debunking of the correlation between the quality and price of wine, to practical serving tips. In many ways, it’s a comprehensive handbook to a subject most are sadly too intimidated by to study. Give it a read, and you’ll be more than prepared to dismantle the next prudish sommelier who struts to your table.

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