Oakley Fast Jacket

Style : Accessories By Photo by Terrengsykkel

If you live an active lifestyle (note: intently watching the Ironman Triathlon while downing a bucket of chicken doesn’t count), you know how important optics are. Poor vision can be the difference between finishing in one piece or ending up on a gurney. Case in point, the Oakley Fast Jacket ($220), which is designed by Oakley’s cutting edge R&D squad to be incredibly adaptable depending on lighting and weather conditions.

We had a chance to review a pair during a Chicago half-marathon, and in summary they performed flawlessly. The Fast Jacket’s revolutionary Switchlock Technology allows lenses to be quickly swapped with the flip of a small lever. Our set included polarized lenses and photochromic lenses, which both featured an Oakley Hydrophobic coating to prevent water streaks and resist oils and lotions. This feature alone was critical as the sunscreen degraded during the run. They’re even static resistant, so dust and dirt don’t cling to the lenses like controversy to Lindsay Lohan. We easily navigated through sun and rain during our testing (thanks to a quick lens swap) and felt the fast jackets were incredibly comfortable from start to finish, over the 13.1 miles. Best of all, Oakleys are made in America.

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