Pop n' Lock

Satechi Lockdown Portable Hard Drive Enclosure

As life becomes increasingly more digital, securing your files is a must. You’re ahead of the game with password protection on your phone, tablet and computer. But what about that backup USB hard drive? Couldn’t someone just plug it into another computer, and copy every last bachelor party photo of you, “relaxing”, with just a flick of the mouse? That’s where a Satechi Lockdown Portable Hard Drive Enclosure ($99) comes in. Wrap any portable SATA I/II/III type 2.5’HDD in it, and you’ll gain the peace of mind that comes with real-time AES 256bit encryption. From then on, only users who enter the correct 4-8 digit password on the integrated capacitive touch screen can gain access to your stuff and blazing fast transfer rates thanks to USB 3.0 support. Don’t be intimidated by the minor installation work either, since Satechi includes a mini screwdriver, screws, and cushions to fix the inserted HDD, along with two USB cables and a portable pouch. All in all, $99 and a little elbow grease seems a pittance compared to possible blackmail, espionage, or embarrassment. Then again, maybe we should just lay off the Clancy.

Buy Now: $99