Your Life on Your Wrist


If you’re a runner, cyclist, hiker or skier, you (hopefully) know how important it is to carry emergency contact and medical information. It’s also a good idea to carry some money in case you bank far from home or just if you want to get a mid-ride ice cream. The problem is, where do you carry all this? Cash gets soggy, medical tags are clumsy and most running and cycling clothing don’t have secure pockets.

Enter the VITAband, a soft silicone wristband that provides access to all your pertinent medical info (blood type, insurance, emergency contacts) as well as swipe-able credit card information. If the worst happens, and you are injured by a wayward motorist (or a tree), first responders can access your vitals by calling the VITAband hotline and giving them your unique identifier that is printed on the band. For less urgent emergencies, like caffeine withdrawal or a sudden craving for a cookie, the credit card info is accepted at more and more places that use contactless payment technology.

The way it works is, you order your VITAband, set up an online account where you load your credit card and medical information. Your band and your chip get mailed to you separately. Pop in the chip and you’re good to go. No more sweaty dollars and peace of mind. Priceless.

Buy now: $40

I’ve always been a bit of an adventure fiend, a Midwestern boy seduced by the exoticism of adventure magazines and Hemingway novels. So, I feel like I’ve arrived now that I’m writing for Gear Patrol. It justifies as “research” a lifetime of tramping about the planet, climbing mountains, diving wrecks, and having a basement that looks like your local outdoor shop. Though I lean towards the Polarfleece aesthetic, I’ve been known to enjoy the occasional urban weekend in a tweed jacket or an evening in (gasp!) a tie. I only wear mechanical watches, drive my adequately patina’d Alfa Romeo Spider right up until the snow flies, and always keep an open bottle of single malt close at hand. My sporting cred runs the gamut from velodrome bike racing to Nordic skiing. I’ve done adventure races; I golf twice a month in the summer, have summited Colorado 14ers,and have even been scuba diving everywhere from Sri Lanka to Boston Harbor. I’ve traveled extensively in Europe, the US, and Asia, somehow earned an English Literature degree and learned German, French, and Latin along the way. I have studied photography and can make a mean saag paneer. I can’t say where Gear Patrol will take me. But as someone once said: “it’s not an adventure if you know the outcome.” And that’s just the way I like it. I’m here to serve you, my fellow adventurers.

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