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Kia GT Concept

Cars By Photo by Motor Trend VIA

When you think of Kia, what comes to mind? Econobox is one word. Lustworthy is not. That’s about to change if the new Kia GT Concept has anything to say about it. Just revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Kia’s mysterious four door sports car has just taken off its cloak. With curvaceous sheet metal and rear wheel drive, the GT marks a new pursuit for the Korean automaker. It looks like they’ve pulled out all the stops by incorporating large intake vents (a la Aston Martin one-77), LED headlights, carbon fiber and alloy wheels, rearview cameras instead of side mirrors and unique copper colored trim on the brakes and A-pillars. The interior of the concept is, of course, state of the art with a clean glass instrument panel, combination ignition button and gear-selector (confusing, we think), and LED screens on the front doors displaying what’s coming through the fender mounted rear cameras. Underneath the hood, the proposed engine boats 390 horsepower to the rear wheels, which should be more than sufficient to propel this new concept, should it ever see pavement in numbers.

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