A Second Look

Coach x Gear Patrol | My Coach Day: Friday

Style : Accessories By Photo by EY and BB

We’ve already shared a peek at what a typical Monday looks like. In this next photo essay, we move on to a far more gratifying day — Friday. The weekend’s close.

Friday, 8:15 am

Despite our vice for cars, we appreciate the ability to forego a daily driving commute. But when it comes time to escape the concrete thickets of New York it’s nice knowing we can grab the keys to the Defender for our own neither-fast-nor-furious getaway. Every few months, you’ll find us off site and out of the city, exploring Northeast locales and planning the months ahead. It also gives us some time to test gear out of the office.

Coach Bleeker Legacy Courier in Fawn $398 | Suede Reversible Tote $328 | Heavy Harness Pebbled Belt $98


Friday, 10:30 am

When the coffee kicks in and the day is in full swing, there’s no better time to push meetings back a couple of hours, get creative and start writing.

Coach Bleeker Legacy Leather Slim Phone Case $78


Friday, 1:00 pm

Lunch breaks? Wait, what are those? Lunches are a rarity for us. After all, someone has to publish the stuff you read during yours. Good thing we’ve got a trove of food trucks nearby. It’s also a perfect time for catching up on some offline reading. We live and breathe digital, but it hasn’t supplanted our love for traditional publications. Not to mention, magazines handle the occasional dab of hot sauce far better than the iPad.

Coach Bleeker Legacy Courier in Fawn $398


Friday, 7:00 pm

Ironically, Friday afternoons are one of the most productive times for us. Free from the distractions of meetings and deadlines, we’ll often work until the early evening on bigger projects. No matter what though, we’ll unwind with a few beers, recap the week, and discuss what’s still left to finish over the weekend. Of course, being out of the office rarely mean disconnecting — for better or worse. Good thing we love what we do.

Coach Crosby Leather Duffle Black $748


Friday, 7:45 pm

With the packed Defender in sight, it’s time to finally time to kick off the weekend. Our four-legged companion, Abby, the English Bulldog, is a welcome distraction.


Styled and photographed by Gear Patrol