The Eye Sees All

LED Lenser H7

Sports and Outdoors : Camping By Photo by Pro Idee

All headlamps are about the same, right? Not quite. Basic LED headlamps do a decent job of lighting up dark places, but lack the intensity and flexibility needed for a range of night-time situations. This is where the LED Lenser H7 ($54) shows off its abilities. We got our mitts all over this new release and tested it in a host of situations including biking, running and even performing car repairs. Lightweight (a sliver above 4 ounces), comfortable and aperture adjustable, the highlight of the H7 is the all new Advanced Focus System (AFS), which we loved. With a simple slide of the switch on the lens housing, we were able to adjust the beam from a long-distance column of light to a wide, low-beam light dispersal. The AFS uses a patented system with both lens and reflector to adjust the 155 lumen beam. Running on three AAA batteries, the high setting will last 4.5 hours and the low setting will milk a full 63 hours from the power pack. Unless you’re a really slow reader, you can probably knock out a Tom Clancy novel on your next camping trip. The best part? This sucker is nutty bright.

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