Box Full of Blur

Lensbaby Movie Maker’s Kit

Tech : Cameras By Photo by Lensbaby VIA

Amateur cinematographers, it’s time to get your depth of field on. Lensbaby, purveyor of all things attainably-priced-lens-blur has released an exhaustively comprehensive Movie Maker’s Kit ($2,900), which includes Lensbaby’s flagship lenses, including the Composer Pro, and enough interchangeable optics to ensure there’s never a single repeated shot style — even though we wouldn’t recommend such techniques. You’ll also find additional accessories including a macro kit, super-wide conversion kit, fisheye optics and plenty more goodies all packed into a sturdy Pelican case. Then again, if your DiY DSLR film budget has a few extra bucks to spare you can always spring for the Zeiss option.

Buy Now: $2,900