Wearable bug zapper

Craghoppers NosiLife Shirt

Sports and Outdoors : Camping By Photo by Craghoppers

Repelling bugs in the outdoors usually means hiding in your tent, smearing mud all over your exposed skin or dousing yourself from head to toe with a noxious chemical that comes out of a bottle with lots of skulls and crossbones on it. Recently, some clothing companies have started selling insect repelling shirts and trousers, which worked for a while but after repeated washings (and trust us, after hiking for days, washing is a good idea), they would lose their effectiveness. Now Craghoppers has a line of clothing called NosiLife that promises to keep bugs at bay indefinitely.

The Craghoppers name may not be familiar to Americans but the British firm has been making top-notch outdoor clothing since the mid-1960s. If you’ve watched Man vs. Wild, you’ve probably seen their clothes, since the ultimate Boy Scout, Bear Grylls, wears their stuff and even has his own line of Craghoppers. It’s rugged, practical clothing with clever features like vented back panels, secret passport compartments and more pockets than you’ll ever need. The NosiLife line uses an impregnated fabric to repel insects and the company claims that the repellent never washes out. The shirts come in short and long-sleeved versions but for true bug protection, long-sleeved makes the most sense. The British sizing can run small so order a size larger.

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