In Living Color

Amazon Kindle Fire

Is it an eReader or a tablet? Kindle or iPad killer? Does it really matter? Packing a dual-core CPU, Gorilla Glass coated multi-touch 7″ IPS panel, and its own special brew of Android, the 14.6 ounce Amazon Kindle Fire ($199) is all about the content. Sure, it may lack some niceties like a camera, mic or 3G connectivity, but this little beast is the best alternative to the iPad we’ve seen yet. The Kindle Fire also touts lightning quick access to the Amazon App Store, Silk web browser, which uses Amazon’s pantheon of cloud servers to make thing ultra snappy, and Whispersyncing with Amazon’s arsenal of books, movies and music. What once was black and white is now definitely in living color. Watch the commercial after the jump.

Editor’s Note: Still prefer your Kindle black and white and read all over? Three new traditional Kindles are also hitting the e-shelves today at stocking-stuffer prices: Kindle ($79), Kindle Touch ($99), and the Kindle Touch 3G ($149).

Price: $199 (Available November 15)