Et Tu Brutale

MV Agusta Brutale R 1090

September 28, 2011 Cars By Photo by MV Agusta VIA

MV Agusta is not a name your hear often stateside, but the Italian motorcycle maker has had a premier racing reputation since 1945, with the founding goal to emerge in the forefront of the Grand Prix of European motorcycling. They succeeded back then and continue to produce some of the finest bikes made. Their newly released MV Agusta Brutale R 1090 is a fine example of the continued heritage. Sprung from their successful and powerful Brutale 1090RR, the R 1090 offers the same 1100cc engine, albeit with a somewhat lesser component group, resulting in a less expensive price (relatively speaking) and the same motoring chutzpah that made the double R so popular. Lucky for you, along with the 144 horsepower engine, the R 1090 comes with traction control so you don’t accidentally high-side this gorgeous bike end up as street pizza.

Price: $18,000