Dig In, Fight Through, Hack Away

Cold Steel Special Forces Shovel

Think of the Cold Steel Special Forces Shovel ($35) as a cross between a camping trowel and a tomahawk. If you happened to formerly be a member of the Special Forces of the Main Intelligence Department of the General Staff of the Russian Army (a.k.a Spetsnaz GRU), this bad boy may even look familiar. It’s essentially a replica of the classic entrenching shovel, just with a heavier steel head and a real wood handle. Thanks to a super sharp head, the tool can double as hatchet, cleaver, machete, hammer or paddle in a bind — as well as function as a fine digging companion. As the video after the break illustrates with glorious power-chord-laden-made-for-TV-commercial- flare, it can also be an effective weapon for you blood-thirsty gardeners out there. See for yourself after the jump and decide whether it’s time to embrace your inner Benjamin Martin and show that landscaping who’s the boss.

Buy Now: $35