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Fitbit Ultra

The Fitbit Ultra ($100) sits in an interesting spot on the competitive spectrum of workout computers. The original was essentially a pedometer for the 21st century, and recorded users steps to calculate distance traveled and calories burned over a day. This new incarnation provides the same features and adds the ability to distinguish other calorie intensive movements like climbing stairs and hills thanks to an on board altimeter. Other, more basic ad-ons, the original should have from the get go include a stop watch and clock. It’s OLED display can now also show a personalized greeting or motivational message. Sharing and viewing your activity data still requires the USB-powered dock that charges and wirelessly syncs with your account. Through this account, you can track your casual exercise habits, manually input a daily food diary, and see just how “efficient” you are when it comes to sleep. In our opinion, this clip on device isn’t on the same level as the workout computers we’ve covered in the past and isn’t for serious athletes. If you live a more sedentary lifestyle though and need help finding the motivation to change your ways, the Fitbit Ultra is worth some investigation.

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