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2011 Adidas Adizero f50

Judging by how quickly terms like “smartphone” and “smartTV” steamrolled into our vernacular, we may soon be uttering “smartcleats” (or smartboots for readers across the pond) if Adidas has their way. The first generation Adidas Adizero f50s made a splash earlier in 2011 by weighing a mere 5.1 ounces and claiming the title as the lightest spikes in the game. This new form weighs slightly more at 5.8 ounces, but the added bulk comes with a tremendous payoff in the form of a built in outsole cavity, which houses a miCoach SPEED_CELL sensor. Working as the brains of the shoe, the device can record a slew of performance metrics including average and max speed, steps, stride rates, the number of sprints made and distance traveled. Once the hard work is over players can then wirelessly transmit the data to their P.C., Mac, or iPad via a separate USB dongle and evaluate the results on the miCoach website. It’s not quite self-awareness, but it’s definitely a serious landmark on the narrowing path between sports and science. Expect to see these grace the feet Lionel Messi, Gareth Bale, and Samir Nasri sometime soon, or snag your own pair for $380 this November.

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