Paranoid Android

Parrot Asteroid Receiver

Cars By Photo by Parrot

In-car telematics are a losing proposition. As many features as brands tout it seems like it’s hardly 6 months before your $3000 navigation and audio system are outdated. If you’re like most American’s and own your vehicle anywhere close to the average of a decade then forget about it — you’re lucky to even have Bluetooth. Not all hope is lost though. The Parrot Asteroid ($350), powered with mobile variation of Android, offers robust connectivity to your device(s) through hard-wired or wireless options, and features voice recognition (sorry, no Siri), GPS, built-in maps, phonebook sync, music-on-demand, and even an SD card slot. A jog-wheel and generous 3.2″ high-resolution LCD screen make switching between Gym Class Heroes and James Taylor a cinch. One other trick up its sleeve: the Parrot turns your car into an instant wi-fi hotspot using your smartphone’s data capabilities. And in case you still haven’t shed your car-break-in paranoia, circa 1990’s, you’ll be glad to know the faceplate does indeed detach.

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