Bubble Wide


Cars By Photo by Sealander VIA

Let’s say camping is your thing. The great outdoors, camping trailer and tenting, backpacking, the whole Eagle Scout bit. Occasionally, you’ll camp near a lake and possibly rent a boat to go fishing. What if your trailer could pull double duty and go aquatic? Well, now you can with the Sealander. Count on those Germans to come up with something new. Small enough to be towed by your average econobox, the Sealander can be custom configured with benches, tables, kitchenette and even a place to sleep. But you don’t just shove this pod into the water and hope it gets some wind at its back to push you to shore. Mount its tiny motor and away you go (minus blinding speed). Okay, so it ain’t rough sea ready, but at least you’ll be able to pull of something truly unique on your next trip to the great outdoors. Just make sure you check the load capacity and leave your more horizontally challenged friends on shore.

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