Beautiful or Befuddled?

The Tree of Life

Terrance Malick’s fifth film The Tree of Life ($25) is a strange beast, to say the least. At Cannes, it was booed by some during its press screening, but went on to take the Palme d’Or. Established reviewers split in a similar fashion, with some crowning it as a profound and moving exploration of human existence, while others saw it as a beautifully shot, but ultimately convoluted mess. These polarized views aren’t all that surprising, given that the storyline of the movie is doled out to viewers through a haze of scattered, trippy scenes — literally taken from seemingly any point of the space-time continuum. Anchored around Mr. and Mrs. O’Brien and their three sons, the film’s rich, saturated depiction of 1950s life is enough reason to watch it our opinion. More existential scenes showing everything from dinosaurs to the afterlife, just serve as bonus fuel for great interpretive discussions, of both the sober and crunked variety. Buy the Blu-ray, and you’ll get the DVD and digital copies for free.

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