Ready for Round Two?

Batman: Arkham City

While Christopher Nolan certainly deserves the lion’s share of credit for molding the caped crusader into his 21st century, cash-raining form, the impact of game developer Rocksteady on Batman’s recent popularity can’t be downplayed. Batman: Arkham Asylum was slathered with praise in the video game community, leaving the follow up title, Arkham City, with some big shoes to fill. Fortunately for gamers, it was worth the wait. The biggest change in this second take is the open world design of the prison colony Arkham City, which offers players variety of sidequests, secondary objectives and treasure hunts, in addition to serving as the backdrop for core missions driving the main story arc. Combined with the same satisfying, cinematic fighting system which rewards players for attack variety and intelligence — it’s an experience you’ll have trouble walking away from, so prepare your better half accordingly.

Buy Now: $60 (Available October 18th)