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Ledbury Short Run Shirting

Style By Photo by MC

Fashion is constantly changing, but Paul and Paul (the gents behind Ledbury) decided to take it to another level. Instead of releasing something, say, every season, new Ledbury will be offering a new shirt every Tuesday at 11am. The project is called Short Run Shirting, and it serves as a creative outlet and opportunity for the designers to experiment with more unusual fabrics, cuts, and detailing. Each week’s installment is limited edition, made in small quantities, and is only available for purchase from Tuesday through the following Sunday. But don’t worry –- if you find a shirt you love and you miss your window of opportunity, just log on to their Facebook page. Each month, customers will vote on one Short Run Shirt to be added to the permanent collection.

So far, the lineup has included tartan, gingham and a Prince of Wales check, all in updated fits detailing. Currently in their 5th week, Paul and Paul seem only to be gaining momentum. We were lucky enough to button up this corduroy work shirt. Sure, it looks great — western-inspired pocket detailing, rounded collar and cuffs, etc — but what really sets this shirt apart is how it feels. The thin-wale corduroy is butter-soft, both inside and out, and the fit is perfect. Nothing evokes “grandpa” like a baggy corduroy button up, but the slimmer, tailored cut gives this shirt a modern look that’s both urban and woodsman. Check back in on Tuesday for the next surprise from Ledbury. More photos after the jump.

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Photos by Matthew Claudel