Come Out And Play

BlueForest Treehouses

Unless your inner child is a cold, emotionless munchkin, he still wants a treehouse. Well, instead of building a rickety, splintered mess in your front yard that will never meet code, consider this — the array of BlueForest Treehouses. The award-winning team at BlueForest has done up numerous projects that take your breath away, and they can mobilize their forces to design and build just about any type of treehouse for you, from their Treehouse Office to a Hi-Tech Hideaway, to their Fairytale Castle (for your daughters, goofhead). BlueForest can turn an average arboreal into something downright astounding, using sustainable materials and eco-conscious construction processes. This isn’t some slapped together summer-only domicile. They can come chock full of amenities like full decks, zip-lines, state-of-the art electronics, suspension bridges and pretty much whatever else you can think of (no helipad, sadly). So, if you’re game for a second home that truly qualifies as both practical and conversation-worthy, BlueForest might be your next real estate conquest. Your inner child will thank you… and then hit the zip line.

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