The original RAZR kept Motorola’s Mobile Devices division in pay dirt throughout the late 90s, but surprisingly when the smartphone revolution came, the company pushed in a new branding direction with the Motorola Droid.

For those reasons alone, the fact that the newly announced Droid RAZR bears both heavyweight titles is a pretty big indication of where it hopes to fall in the ever-changing smartphone pecking order, even beyond the Android chain of command. Top-tier components like a dual-core 1.2GHz processor, 1 GB RAM (double that of the iPhone 4S), 16GB of on board storage (plus an SD card slot), a 4G LTE antenna, and an 8MP rear camera already put it in the arms race winner circle. It’s Gorilla Glass coated, 960×540-pixel resolution qHD Super AMOLED display is smartphone first though (take that Galaxy SII), as is its 7.1mm, Kevlar-wrapped skinny silhouette. Like high-end Moto smartphones before it, the new RAZR is also compatible with a variety of Motorola accessories such as lapdocks. Verizon says they’ll start accepting pre-orders on October 27th, for a wallet-scarring price of $300. The official launch date hasn’t been shared, but we’re guessing you can get your man hands on the world’s thinnest LTE phone come early November.

Buy Now: $299 (Pre-order October 27th)