Silver (and black) Bullet

On Location: Aetherstream

Culture By Photo by BH

What do you get when you cross a great brand, an Airstream and a trunk show? You get the AETHERstream: a mobile shop chock full of goods like well-cut jackets and sweaters, to other appointments including wireless internet, dinner table, bed and even a suspended fire pit.

Conceived by Thierry Gaugain, a former Philipe Starck designer who has worked on everything from Lacie hard drives to Maclaren strollers and Voxan motorcycles, the AETHERstream uses reclaimed oak hardwood flooring and sustainably harvested wood for the sofa and work table. The artwork and props are from the Paris flea market and give a certain warmth to the gorgeous 34’ PanAmerican Airstream. Aether might call it a store, but the rugged yet modern utilitarian design have us brainstorming for one of our own. They’re also on the search for a tow vehicle — we humbly suggest our trusty ol’ Defender. You can find the AETHERstream in LA (8207 3rd Street) through November 1st, then it’s on to NYC for the remainder of the year.

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