Wrapping up the week, low key

Coach x Gear Patrol | My Coach Day: Sunday

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Wrapping up our fourth and final post for our My Coach Day series, it’s only fitting we highlight Sunday — a day all about rituals. Obvious ones and sometimes not so obvious. Whether that’s back-to-back matinees or dialing some tunes, it’s all about leaning back and taking in for us. That is, when we’re in town. Living close to Madison Square Park also gives us a chance to ease into a park bench and abide by Sunday’s operative word: chilling.

Sunday, 9:00 am

From Bay to Bergman, Fincher to Fellini, or Lynch to Lee, there’s hardly any (good) movie we don’t love sinking our teeth into. Despite our unfettered love of home theater gear, we still think the best place to watch a film is in the theater (DTS and DLP, please) where it’s closest to the way the director intended. Sunday matinee double headers aren’t beyond the norm for us, but movies don’t usually start until around 11 o’clock, so what better way to spend a couple hours than listening to a few tunes — on a great pair of headphones.

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Sunday, Noon

In anticipation of Sunday supper, lunch consists of just one course: espresso. There’s hardly ever enough time (or patience) during the week to wait in line for the coffee at the pricey-tourist-trap-yet-still-tasty Eataly, but if you’re fine without a barista prepared drink, we recommend skipping past the crowd and heading straight for the espresso bar. As you’d expect, all they serve is espresso, but it’s piping hot, enticing and served up in just a few minutes — or just enough time to sneak in a quick email reply.

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Sunday, 4:30pm

With a few upcoming excursions on our horizon — some larger and longer than we’ve ever done — there’s nothing wrong with a little Sunday work. Before meeting friends for our usual Sunday dinner, we head over to our favorite book store to squeeze in a short planning session. Today’s subject: scouring for some must-visit locations in our favorite travel and adventure trades. Tough work, but someone’s got to do it.

Coach Crosby Leather Commuter $548, Coach Bleecker Leather Multifunction Case $98


Styled and photographed by Gear Patrol