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Yeti Pro

October 25, 2011 Tech : Electronics By Photo by Blue Mics

Whether or not you’ve got ambitions to host the next All Things Considered or Howard Stern Show, quality sound (besides subject material) is essential. Poor quality audio causes listener fatigue — a troublesome notion when you’re waxing poetic about everything from Apple to Aaron Sorkin. The Yeti Pro ($249) combines a traditional analog XLR output and the convenience of USB for 24bit/192 kHz digital recording without any cumbersome mixing gear. Of course, you can also use the XLR-out to capture directly from its high quality condenser mic by Blue and monitor directly through a built-in zero-latency headphone output. It might be a touch overkill for Skype calls with your uncle, but for your bedroom musicians and aspiring podcasters, the Yeti Pro is the full monty.

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