Munchy Manuscript

Momofuku Milk Bar Cookbook

Crack pie isn’t a label most bakeries would readily slap on one of their confections, but then again most bakeries aren’t run by Christina Tosi. Inspired by her nostalgia for the teeth-depleting sugared cereals of Saturday morning fame and probably more than a few hits off of the peace pipe, her offbeat sweet tooth captured the eye of NYC restaurant mogul David Chang, which quickly lead to the creation of the dessert arm of his New York empire, Milk Bar. This newly launched 256 page book contains the recipes for nearly all of the restaurants most desired treats including cereal milk ice cream, compost and cornflake-marshmallow cookies, and candy bar pie. Despite most of the desserts being less than photogenic, the 100 full page images will definitely inspire your late night appetite. If sweets aren’t your thing, the book also contains recipes for the restaurants other baked goods like croissants, bagel bombs, and cornbread.

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