Double aged for twice the taste

Tasting Notes: Brugal 1888 Rum

Culture By Photo by Brugal

Brugal 1888 ($45-50) is what happens when five generations of Maestros Roneros, or Rum Masters, have been hand-crafting Brugal rums since the company was founded in 1888. This latest product blends that experience with a double distillation and double aging process for a unique, flavorful rum that’s perfect for sipping on a cool fall day.

Brugal 1888 is a blend of rum stocks aged between five and 14 years. It’s initially aged in American white oak barrels before undergoing a second maturation in Sherry oak casks. The double-wood aging process is apparent in the rum’s bouquet and flavor profile, with American oak notes like toffee, cinnamon and caramel complementing the Sherry oak notes of chocolate and dried fruits. Add to that some smokiness that’s reminiscent of good Scotch, and you’ve got quite an interesting rum. And while the oak influences are very noticeable, they were applied with a delicate hand, allowing the rum’s natural character to shine through.

This recently-released rum is available in limited quantities, and given our experiences with it, it’s likely to go quickly. Grab yourself a bottle before it’s all gone.

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