Cars and caffeine, an ideal pairing

West Coast Blitz: 1,100 Horsepower, 800 Miles and Blue Bottle Coffee

Recently we found ourselves presented with a couple of problems.

First. We were handed the keys to a deep blue pearl 2012 Nissan GT-R and 2012 diamond black edition Cadillac CTS-V at roughly the same time. Okay, maybe it doesn’t sound like so much of a problem but bear with us. In reality neither cars makes a whole lot of sense. Impractical gas mileage. Unyielding rides. Exorbitant prices. But to enthusiasts, both cars have undeniable x-factor — shattering algorithms of practicality with insane speeds, dazzling performance and striking looks. One, a technological marvel and modern day classic from Japan that delights everyone from the most jaded auto critics to Hot Import Nights prizefighter. The other, a rip-roaring 6-speed 21 gun salute to champions of American muscle and luxury, which also happens to have four doors and room for a child seat. Neither are for the pragmatist, but these cars are undoubtedly epic and hell, we love epic. The question is, how do we test them?

Second. While on a hunt for some great LA coffee (something we’ll get to another day) we were lamenting the fact that one of our favorites, Blue Bottle Coffee, is painfully absent in Los Angeles, much less anywhere else. If you haven’t tried Blue Bottle Coffee it belongs on your short list. Near the top — underlined. The intricate, complex, knock your socks off brew is implausibly tasty and potent. But it is a scarce thing, this Blue Bottle. With several locations in their hometown San Francisco and a couple of outposts in New York, the other 3,000 miles of United States have little to no access to Blue Bottle. Yes, you can order their beans online, but nothing beats a piping hot demitasse straight from the hands of a deft barista. We wanted Blue Bottle Coffee and we wanted it now.

Our solution? Combine the two problems into an answer.

The distance from Los Angeles to the limestone-clad Blue Bottle Coffee at 66 Mint St. in San Francisco is roughly 400 miles. Each way. What better way to stretch the legs of our equally caffeinated beasts than an 800 mile coffee run? So, we filled up our tanks with the highest octane around and enlisted the help of our talented friend Chris Crutchfield for a special quick-cut edition of Behind the Wheel. Hope you enjoy.

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Special thanks to V.I.O. POV.HD and Canon
Photos by Chris Crutchfield and EY
A Gear Patrol Original