Rethinking the Forged Iron

Mizuno MP-59 Irons

For most golfers, the idea of playing a forged iron is a little scary. Forged irons have always been reserved for better players who need to shape shots and never miss the center of the club face. The rest of us are far more concerned with hitting the ball straight and true. Mizuno Golf is looking to take some of the fear out of forged with their new MP-59 irons ($999). Learn more about these unique clubs after the break.

Mizuno combines a patented Grain Flow Forged 1025E “Pure Select” mild carbon steel and pure titanium, to create a head that provides a soft, yet solid feel, and remarkable consistency. And while these clubs wouldn’t be considered game improvement, Mizuno has added a forged Ti muscle technology to increase forgiveness on off center hits while maintaining a player’s head shape. All of that technical magic yielded a 5% bigger sweet spot than last year’s acclaimed MP-58s. The result is a club suited for a 13 handicapper down to a scratch golfer. We found head shape and address position far less intimidating than a lot of muscle backs we’ve seen. It was the perfect balance of top line width to set our mind and swing at ease.

Our own testing certainly validated Mizuno’s claims. In the hands of a former collegiate golfer, the clubs performed with surgical precision. In my less skilled hands, they kept the ball on target even with the inconsistency that comes with being a 10 handicap. Distance control was spot on and the clubs had plenty of workability when called for. While my playing partner was used to the feeling of forged clubs, it was an adjustment for me. The MP-59s provide amazing feedback and feel, and you’ll know exactly where you struck the face. It’s not a criticism of the clubs — it’s just not something those of us who play cast cavity irons are as familiar with. Our advice when doing your own testing is to hit plenty of balls to properly acclimate to the feeling before passing judgment. Trust us, It’ll be worth it. The MP-59s changed the way we view forged irons and could do the same for you.

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