DeLorme inReach

Tech : Electronics By Photo by DeLorme

Scenario: Somehow the expedition you and the boys planned for an unforgettable bachelor trip has turned into a one hell of a pickle. Your buddy, Steve thought that awesome 25 year old vintage rusted out Jeep he traded his unlocked iPhone for would be the perfect way to traverse the wilderness. Problem is, Steve also thought taking down a full bottle of Santiago’s finest would be a perfect companion to overcooked chorizo. Now, you’re in a ditch. A ditch festooned with Brazilian Wandering spiders and the nearest cell tower might as well be a parsec from your coordinates. It’s time to get a message out to the Coast Guard, AAA South America, friends with a phone, whatever. You need help.

That’s where the DeLorme inReach ($250) replaces Steve as your new best friend. Using satellite connectivity, the waterproof inReach can send and receive text messages, send 2-way interactive SOS’s, provide remote GPS tracking for rescuers and — just like that elevator button you’re always tempted to press — provide visual confirmation your messages have been received. It can even pair with your Android phone or Earthmate and post updates to your social media accounts (e.g. “successfully arrived at basecamp, despite Steve”). All for $10 per month. Now, what happens to Steve between now and then is entirely your business.

Buy Now: $250