Sweet Surrender

Best Made Co. Big Jug of Organic Maple Syrup

Culture By Photo by Best Made Co. VIA

Best Made Co. has slowly evolved from a handmade axe company into a brand known for anything woodsy. In that light, offering an enormous jug of organic maple syrup makes total sense, right? Don’t worry, the company hasn’t translated their hewning skills into making the sweet stuff. Instead, the pancake dressing comes from the organic North Family Farm, based in New Hampshire, not Vermont — which extracts nature’s ambrosia using a mixture of renewable energy, biodiesel and sustainably harvested firewood. We’re sure the stuff is tasty, but honestly, the packaging is the kicker. The glass half-gallon bottle and basic white labeling are worlds apart from the competition (we’re looking at you, Aunt Jemima). Bring a jug to the family pow wow this holiday season, and let everyone appreciate the real thing, instead of cola-colored corn syrup.

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