Innate Trad Flask

Culture By Photo by Gishani

Scotch must have been invented for autumn. Whether you’re warding off the chill on a Saturday afternoon in the bleachers, recounting adventures around a campfire or rewarding yourself for an afternoon of splitting wood, nothing warms the soul (and the belly) like a good single malt. And there’s no better way to drink it than from a steel hip flask that’s been riding in your pocket. Oh, sure, a cut glass tumbler with a drop of water is nice at home but the rituals of carrying your whisky on your adventures and passing a flask cannot be beaten.

We like the new Trad Flask from Innate. Its curved profile fits a pocket perfectly and has that classic look but the off-center screw-cap with keyhole retainer will make your drinking buddies jealous. Made of 304 food grade steel, the Trad Flask holds six ounces of the old stuff. Winter’s coming. You’d better get two.

Buy Now: $20 (Available soon)

Photo by Gishani for Gear Patrol