A whisky-soaked punch in the mouth

Tasting Notes: Compass Box Peat Monster

November 7, 2011 Culture By Photo by Compass Box Whisky Company

Compass Box Whisky Company is a specialty Scotch whisky maker that, since forming in 2000, has made a big splash in the boutique whisky market. American John Glaser is the man behind the label, and his experimentation with unconventional malt combinations and oak maturation have resulted in some very interesting drams. From its core range, including Peat Monster ($60), to its limited edition releases, Compass Box whiskies are whiskies worth knowing.

Peat Monster, as the name implies, is one helluva peaty Scotch. Crafted with smoky Islay and island malts and medium-peated Speyside malts, it’s big, rich, complex and smoky. But balanced with some fruit and spice notes, plus a touch of sweetness, it’s surprisingly smooth and soft on the palate. If you’re a lover of earthy, robust whiskies, this is the bottle for you. And if you’re not, Peat Monster’s well-balanced, approachable nature just might win you over.

While Peat Monster’s not a whisky we look to every day, it’s a great after-dinner drink and fireside companion. Now, off to build a fire.

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