Magazin Secretary Flatmate

Home By Photo by Magazin VIA

The Magazin Secretary Flatmate has all of the qualities we expect from great German design. It’s sleek, functional and backhands your wallet with authority. Fully expanded, the modern secretary provides a 28 x 16.5-inch work space, capable of easily accommodating a 17-inch laptop, along with other peripheral gadgets like an iPad on the included powder coated steel shelves above. To fight the good fight against clutter, there’s even an integrated light strip and power socket which connects via a hidden power cord to your wall outlet, as well as a handy side cubby for stashing things out of sight. Once the work is done, everything collapses nice and tidy into a monolithic slab that takes up a hair less than one square foot. Unfortunately, at an estimated cost of $1,365, we’re fairly certain it’s worth more than most of the small apartments it’s ideally suited to serve.

Buy Now: ~$1,365