The Hobbit 3D Behind the Scenes

Time check. The first Lord of the Rings movie is now 10 years old. Luckily, if you’ve been in middle-earth withdrawal since the last film appeared in 2003, Peter Jackson has decided to don his Tolkien hat once to again to bring The Hobbit to the silver screen — in 3D. Through this behind the scenes video, Jackson (sporting a cardigan and a mug of coffee) and the crew share plenty of nitty gritty details on the 3D filming process, covering everything from the 48(!) RED Epic cameras and their advanced rigs, to how character makeup and sets were perfected to handle the grueling 5k, 48fps 3D medium. If you love peeking behind the curtain at Hollywood’s magic, set aside 10 minutes for this. Fair warning though, the wait until next year to watch the final product will seem that much further away.