Kicked by a Rose

adiZero Rose 2

We’ve spent a solid month with Derrick Rose’s signature shoe, the adiZero Rose 2 ($110). Actually, not just us but the also the best player we could find at our local court (thanks, Divine). With heaps of brisk afternoons full of asphalt carnage and battered egos, we’ve finally got our answers.

It’s no secret that bulky kicks can slow down you (and Chicago’s maestro). To keep weight down and performance high, Adidas uses Sprintweb and Sprintframe technology to reduce weight, improve comfort, and increase stability and motion control. Together, they provide a platform for razor-sharp cuts while being light enough to blow past the defense. Combined with soft cushioning around the ankles for easy movement, insanely grippy soles, and a breathable build, the shoes are a bona fide testament to Derrick Rose’s explosive performance and style. But we think Divine’s words summarise it best: “They’re light. Light as a feather… a feather filled with helium. It’s like running on clouds, coulds that grip like a Formula 1 racecar”. Well said.

Buy Now: $110