Powder Power

Honda Hybrid Snow Blower

Home By Photo by Honda VIA

Does your hate for shoveling snow equal your disdain for poor fuel economy? Then Honda’s first-ever Hybrid Snow Blower ($8,000) was designed for you. It’s gas-powered four-stroke iGX390 engine provides enough spinning auger and blower power to discharge 83 tons per hour at distances of up to 62 feet (bombs away!). The fossil fuel burner additionally generates juice for the onboard batteries, which in turn drive a pair of electronic motors that control the blower’s track drive forward propulsion. Like most hybrids, the Honda can capture energy created during decelerating to help top off the battery too. All of this techno-wizardry really boils down to two tangible benefits for consumers and their neighbors. The first is that the machine can be moved without starting the engine, and once engaged, it’s much less noisy than the gas-only competition. Considering the price tag, the question is, do you buy this or the Civic?

Buy Now: $8,000