Sorry, Santa.


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You’re a considerate person. You enjoy that feeling of giving someone a gift and having them light up with thankfulness. You also know gift cards are about as personal as a Monday morning TSA Agent. The only problem is finding and buying gifts is an unnecessarily painful process — especially when you barely have time to grab lunch. Enter Wantful. A mix between discovery engine and concierge gift utility, Wantful employs a brigade of engineers, designers, and buyers to not only curate a unique and well-edited selection of products but also make finding, procuring and sending those gifts a process that actually deserves the “personalized” moniker. No fancy Google algorithms here, just plain old-fashioned good taste.

Here’s how it works: Once you sign up and answer a few questions (gender, hobbies, etc), Wantful creates a list of 16 price-range specific items. After you’re satisfied with the list, a fine-looking catalog is printed and sent to your intended recipient to select from. Once they’ve chosen the item, your card is charged, the gift is sent and all kinds of warm gooey satisfaction ensues.

Wantful has hit all the details too. Several hundred gifts are already in their line-up ranging from leather goods to books to cooking wares at prices between $25 and $500. Catalogs are printed on imported hand-made Japanese Washi paper and the interface to manage holidays and curate gifts is immensely well-designed. And the icing? It’s free.

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