OWC iMac Turnkey Program

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The Mac’s infamous spinning beach ball of death has a special place on our hearts… right alongside Beelzebub. And if you relish squeezing out every last ounce of performance from your Mac as much as we do then you probably empathize with our plight. Adding further insult to injury, things only get worse when you consider the iMac’s limited number of upgrades and sobering costs of Apple’s own build-to-order options.

But dig around a bit and you’ll find there are solutions. But none are quite as good as the iMac Turnkey Program ($169+). Read on.

Everyone know that throwing a bag full of RAM is a good place to start addressing your multitasking woes, but memory will only take you so far.

Luckily the wizards at OWC — the ultimate resource for Mac geekery — have a much more formidable solution with their turnkey program. There are a couple of downsides worth noting though. Depending on your current state of sobriety-to-mouse-click ratio the costs of the program can quickly escalate and it also entails a bit of leg work, requiring you to ship your iMac to OWC. But once you choose the right upgrades for your needs, OWC’s Apple Certified Technicians will apply all your pre-arranged updates in just 24-48 hours, transforming your trusty all-in-one into the rising multitasking phoenix you’ve always dreamed of.

If your wallets (or desperation) runs deep and you do opt for the kitchen sink, OWC can equip your 2010/2011 iMac with up to three blisteringly quick solid state hard drives (60GB-480GB each) that offer 92x the performance of standard hard drives. Any combination of SSD’s and standard large capacity drives (up to 3TB each) is also available. While you’re at it, outfit your iMac with up to 32GB of glorious RAM and an optional built-in eSATA port (3x faster than Firewire 800) for connectivity to a wide array of RAID and external drive options. All the upgrades are tested and backed by OWC and if you’re afraid of voiding your factory warranty, OWC even offers an optional factory-equivalent 3 year warranty.

Side Note: Don’t have an iMac? OWC also offers turnkey programs for the Mac Pro and soon the Mac Mini, unless you just feel like turning yours into a blu-ray equipped Mac Mini Media Center.

To learn more about how the program works or see how quickly SSD’s operate just watch the videos below.

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