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Kickstarter: The Bridge

Design By Photo by The Bridge

Companies like Logitech have done a decent job of providing consumers with an easy to use solution for controlling most IR-based home theater components — but if you like to take things literally, they still don’t deserve the title of “universal” remote. Commanding Bluetooth based devices like the PS3 for instance requires buying a separate adapter. The typical wand design also fails miserably at handling text-based input tasks that new devices such as the AppleTV and Boxee box can require on the regular. These are the reasons why our latest Kickerstarter find is particularly near and dear to our home-theater-loving hearts. Described as “the first truly universal remote”, The Bridge is meant to blend a backlit QWERTY keyboard, mouse, and universal remote into a video game controller form factor. We’re not exactly thrilled with its Playstation-esq looks, but if the team can really kill off our cache of remotes once and for all, we’ll be fans for life. The catch is they need $50,000k to make the magic happen. So do your part with a pledge of $65 or more and score a pre-order in the process.

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