24 Hours on a Navy Supercarrier

Even if you aren’t up to date on your Navy knowledge, you may recognize the USS Carl Vinson Nimitz-class nuclear supercarrier as the ship that played host to the Michigan State and North Carolina basketball game last Friday. It was also tasked more formally with escorting Osama’s body out to sea six months earlier. As one of the jewels of America’s military, the 1,092 foot city on the sea carries nearly 100 planes and helicopters at any given time, along with a crew of 5,000 of our Navy’s finest sailers. In this short segment, produced by ESPN and filmed/edited by The Seventh Movements for Veteran’s day, we civilians get a brief glimpse of what a day aboard this marvel of engineering is like, and for once, Michael Bay isn’t involved.

Thanks to the folks at Gizmodo for calling it to our attention.