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Breakdown: GORUCK GR TAC

Sports and Outdoors By Photo by Goruck

We’re long overdue for a breakdown so what better candidate for a part-by-part analysis than the GR TAC ($35) — the new tactical hat from the deft hands of GORUCK. It’s quite possibly the last hat you’ll ever need or want.

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A. Bandolier: The GR TAC features an internalized label that’s heat-pressed to its cotton sweatband. The cotton is essential because it serves not only for comfort but for critical sweat absorption. A good thing for those killer ascents.

B. Bill of Service: The trick bill is made from not only a soft material that makes it easy to touch, but the underside is also similar to velcro loops. That makes it easy to personalize or use as a stealthy stash point for map lights, patches and other tactical needs. Easily one of our favorite features.

C. Insignia: Like other GORUCK products, nothing beats the patina of well-worn age, but there’s also a multitude of personalization options through the use of patches.

D. Deep Six: The GR TAC dome is comprised of six panels, four are made from the brand’s signature black 1000D Cordura. In this case it’s uncoated for better breathability and still exhibits better waterproofing than plain ol’ cotton. It’s not the lightest stuff out there, but it’s tough as hell. Man up, you can handle a few extra grams.

E. Mesh Operations Center: The two middle panels are made of non-stretch mesh. This is where the bulk of airflow happens. GORUCK has tested the GR TAC with Green Berets in far more miserable conditions than you’ll ever be in. Not a single complaint. Not that that we’d expect them to.

F. De Button Liber: GORUCK’s founder Jason McCarthy brings up a good point. The button that resides atop most ballcap domes is pointless (and the apogee of many a middle school shenanigan). So they came up with a solution. Ditch it. And good riddens because the GR TAC is all the better without it.

G. About Face: The hat’s face is endowed with the easily identifiable 2×3 inch velcro patch in GORUCK’s signature Reverse Flag. Leave it as-is or place a patch on it. We’d opt for the former. Either way it’s just about perfect on the GR TAC.

H. Straphang: No explanation here. There’s an adjustable velcro closure to make sure the GR TAC snugly fits you’re cranium.

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