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HoldFast Photography Equipment

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HoldFast is a new brand born from the passion of professional photographer and long time Gear Patrol reader Matthew Swaggert. After years of being frustrated with the overly complex, uncomfortable, and militia-styled gear that flooded the photography market, he decided to channel his experience and love of American heritage to create something better. The HoldFast collection is entirely made in the US and features style, durability and functionality in equal measures. The ample use of quality leather, duck canvas and heavy duty d-rings should mean anything from the line will only look better with use. What we love the most about the entire range, however, is the thoughtful placement of pockets and straps for storing things like memory cards and extra batteries. It’s those details that illustrate just how much real-world thought was put into their design. To experienced photogs, using this gear should feel second nature, leaving you literally to focus on the work in front of you. Expect the entire line to launch this December — just in time for gifting.

We’ve got a full gallery of shots of the entire line for you to check out after the break.

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