It's not your grandfather's gin

Tasting Notes: No. 209 Gin

Culture By Photo by 209 Gin

One of the most exciting product categories of recent years is New American gin. Eschewing the juniper-driven backbones of London Dry style gins like Seagrams and Beefeater, New American gins encompass a broader range of botanicals, which leads to unique combinations of flavors and aromas. One such gin is No. 209 ($35), distilled at San Francisco’s Pier 50.

No. 209 Gin is a five times-distilled, modern-styled spirit that relies on citrus peels, cardamom pods, cassia bark, angelica root and coriander to achieve its distinct flavor profile. With just a whisper of juniper, No. 209 Gin is predominantly floral and citrusy, with notes of spicy pepper and cooling mint.

Given its easy-going nature, No. 209 Gin plays nicely with a variety of herbs, fruits and veggies. Try it with basil and cucumber, for example, or dress up your gin and tonic with a sprig of fresh thyme. But while it performs admirably in already-herbal classic drinks like the Negroni, we’ll stick to London Dry gins in our Martini nightcaps.

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