Love Hurts


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Bellflower is the debut film by Evan Glodell, who in many ways exhibits hints of both a young James Cameron and Quentin Tarantino. Like “the king of the world”, Glodell has a love for the mechanical — he built his own specialized camera to film Bellflower, as well as many of the movie’s ridiculous anarchist props. The Tarantino comparisons stem from the dark humor and bouts of extreme violence scattered within the director’s spiraling plot. On the surface, the core story of — boy meets girl, boy falls in love, boy gets hurt — is as mundane as they come. In this version, though, the leading male Woodrow (played by Glodell), just happens to be a Mad Max-obsessed hipster that spends his days developing toys like a flame throwing muscle car named Medusa with a friend. His world changes after meeting Milly at a local grasshopper eating contest. Their fledgling love eventually disintegrates in a spectacular, and often frightening fashion, that will leave you riveted in only the way a soon to be cult classic can.

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