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DeLonghi 12-Cup Food Processor with Blender

Home By Photo by DeLonghi VIA

DeLonghi’s new 12-cup food processor with blender ($300) is designed to combat the kitchen gadget sprawl that plagues many yuppie households. Thanks to a dual-drive motor system, the die cast metal base unit supports speed variations found on most blenders and food processors. With that power issue out of the way, users just have to choose between the 12 quart food processor top or 50 ounce blender to start mincing. Those who tend to be slightly more creative with their button mashing will also appreciate that DeLonghi includes a serrated stainless steel chopping blade, a dough tool, a stainless-steel thick slice/shred disc, and a stainless steel fine slice/shred disc for more versatility. Eat your heart out Slap Chop.

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