Mixology 101

PDT Cocktail Book Leather-Bound Edition

Culture : Books By Photo by Moore and Gile VIA

New York’s famed Please Don’t Tell nails the hidden speakeasy vibe like few other establishments in the city. For example, gaining access to the snug cocktail lounge requires patrons to find the hidden entrance located behind the vintage phone booth in the attached hot dog joint Crif Dogs.

Jim Meehan’s inventiveness behind the bar, however, is the real secret-sauce that has solidified PDT as a shrine to mixology. The establishment’s new PDT Cocktail Book includes recipes for over 304 drinks and stands out from traditional bartender manuals thanks to artist Chris Gall’s bold illustrations. Booze geeks should also appreciate the informative supplements covering everything from bar design and mixing techniques, to whimsical recipes for drunk munchies like deep-fried mayo. All of this content is available in the traditional paperback version ($15) released in early November, but this special leather-bound edition ($65) of the new drinker’s bible just exhibits a touch more class as bookshelf reference or gift.

Thanks to the folks at Cool Hunting for bring this to our attention.

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