Ripping the tent out of tentative

FieldCandy Tents

Design : Science By Photo by FieldCandy

FieldCandy is a trail blazing tent company that brings a hipster sensibility to the great outdoors. As they see it, a tent’s exterior should reflect the personality of the camper. So instead of pumping out generic shelters, they’ve collaborated with a collection of designers, including Terry Pastor — who created the iconic album artwork for Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust and Hunky Dory albums — to create a variety of limited edition offerings that will certainly cause a stir in the trendy nomad community.

All their models sleep two people comfortably and feature the same breathable cotton inner tent, complete with heavy duty YKK zippers, hardened aluminum pegs and easy setup poles. It’s the printed limited run flysheets that get the razzle dazzle treatment. While most of the available designs have no qualms about making a statement, they do offer more conservative shells including a nice looking solid black option. You can also pick up the solid black fly sheet on its own, in case you’re the type who’d can’t bear to be seen in the same tent twice.

Personally, these wouldn’t be our first choice when venturing into the great outdoors, but we can’t ignore the humor of owning a tweed tent to go with our blazer. Bully!

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