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SousVide Supreme

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Sous-vide (pronounced soo-veed) is a rather nerdy, but effective cooking submovement in the world of haute cuisine. The term literally translates to “under vacuum” in french, and involves sealing food in airtight plastic bags which are then placed in a precisely maintained hot water bath for extended periods of time. Typically the water temperatures are below traditional cooking ranges, which avoids over-heating with certainty, while producing incredibly succulent and evenly cooked results. The downside to this slomo approach is of course cooking time — 72 hours isn’t that crazy when it comes to sous-vide.

Due to the stringent nature of the technique, many early enthusiasts hacked together their own systems using laboratory-grade equipment. As much as that inspires our inner-macgyver, the SousVide Supreme system ($480) makes wading into this unique cooking technique much more approachable. Essentially, it’s a push-button water oven with an accurate temperature control mechanism for maintaining heat within a 1 degree range. A starter recipe manual, sous-vide spice kit, stainless steel pouch rack for separating cooking bags, and 1-year subscription to Food & Wine are included with the purchase. If you’re really able to splurge, their promo package ($479) throws in a vacuum sealer and bags, which is pretty handy for those who aren’t addicted to QVC.

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